NB-IOT: electric Scooter Tracking

NB-IoT   •   October, 2018

Gemicom is dedicated to develop IoT solutions and services with various wireless modules of 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, and eMTC. Various interface modules for application cases of low power wide area (LPWA) or IoT technologies are used in industrial automation, remote monitoring, disaster prevention, asset tracking, smart metering, indoor positioning, etc.

Developed on industrial cellular modules, Gemicom smart in-vehicle 4G or 5G terminals and industrial control terminals connected customers’ vehicles and industrial equipment to the Internet. Real-time position tracking, status report, diagnosis and control make your device smarter and enhance the efficiency.

Keep It Simple

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  • APP or WeChat instant messaging

  • Cloud application server
  • NB-IoT Terminal

Support GPS positioning, NB-IoT: B3, B5, B8, internal battery:110mAH, embedded Micor SIM card, IP54 industrial grade.

Fleet Management

The Cloud Application Server supports remote configuration and equipment monitoring on big data platform. It maintains high reliability, expansion to larger scale, data security, and compatible interface with third party application

The APP interacting with the cloud platform is to track the vehicles, deployment, and real time notification