4G on-site Helmet

4G/Wi-Fi   •   January, 2019

We introduced 4G First Aid Helmet for on-site patrol as a step toward implementing regular inspection, diaster risk control, work place security & safety. With this helmet, the inspectors will be able to stay connected with the remote control center, whether they are at the location of a possible incident or elsewhere.

Real time communication with the remote controller or on-site image recording as backup.

Helmet Applications

Patrol inspection on railroad track, diaster risk, construction site, power check, coal mining, on-duty police, security and safety control.

  • Camera:  125° wide-angle len, 1920×1280 30p HD resolution

  • Night vision LED 1.2W white in 20m

  • 4G/Wi-Fi, support 1800/1400MHz

  • GPS tracking

  • intercom call

  • Storage: 32 – 128 GB

  • Recording > 4 hours;  Lighting > 5 hours

Fully battery charge in 4 – 5 hours.

Big Data Platform smart prevention

voiceprint user identification

danger alert

remote monitoring